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Monday, February 01, 2016

I generally don't like to create TBR lists because as soon as I add a book to one, the last thing I want to do is read it. For me, it takes something that should be fun and relaxing and makes it stressful. Reading is a past-time, not a job. 

That being said, I haven't finished a book since the fall and that's a really poor showing. On Friday, I got myself to the bookstore, and picked up a few new books to get me excited about reading again. I've chosen two books to tackle this month: 

I'm really looking forward to these two books. "Big Magic" in particular I've already previewed on Apple iBooks and it seems very motivational. 

I have plenty of time to read on the bus on the way to and from work each day. Maybe I'll even live tweet as I go? You can follow me on Twitter to see how I make out. 
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