Book Challenges


This book challenge is intended to be a fun way of sharing and engaging with literature and the online book community. Each month there will be a challenge, consisting of eight tasks. All you need to do is complete each task and post the result on your preferred social media site before the end of the month. That's it!

Challenge List

August's challenge can be found here. More challenges are on the way!


How does it work? 

For each prompt, you can fulfill it as you see fit. Want to take photos of the books? Great! Want to paint the ? Wonderful! Want to make a word search with the title hidden inside? Why not? Honestly, you're only restricted by your imagination. I want everyone to have fun with this and share the results with others.

Why isn't there a challenge for every day of the month? 

This is purely personal preference. I often find myself discouraged at being unable to complete a daily task, just because real life often gets in the way. I feel that eight tasks, working out to two per week, may be more manageable for people like myself. For those who have more time, or who are better organized than myself, this leaves them plenty of time to engage in other challenges.

Can you recommend other book challenges? 

Absolutely! At the moment, I'm only really aware of one, which is the Books and Cupcakes Book Photo Challenge. It's wonderfully set up so I urge you to check it out!

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