The Best Yarns of Autumn

Wednesday, October 07, 2015
Although I have boxes upon boxes of yarn in the basement, I'm always on the lookout for new colourways and brands. With the last few days turning chilly enough to need a jacket, I've been searching for some cozy yarns. I've never ordered from any of these vendors, and my yarn buying ban is currently in place so I probably won't be, but it's nice to look all the same. Here are the results on my window shopping:

I absolutely love the colours used here. Pinks don't normally strike me as autumn, but the mix here with red, yellow and brown really works.  

This one is just fun. Yarns like these are usually the type I like to look at but not actually wear. That being said, I still really like this yarn plus it's a merino/silk blend so it's probably pretty soft too. 

Again, here's a yarn that I generally like more to look at than to wear or to use, but I couldn't help but add this yarn since it looks like little fall leaves on a vine. 

This is the perfect match to traditional autumn colours - a mix of dried cornstalks, squash and pumpkin. Sadly, it looks as though this colourway may have been discontinued. 

Two of my favourite things: yarn and Doctor Who. I didn't think it possible, but all of the colours used in this colourway would be stunning by themselves as well. Such a pretty mix when combined though. 

I've never had a proper yarn bowl before. Instead, I tend to let the ball roll around the table or floor, or I use an empty peanut butter jar. I love the look of yarn bowls however and the colours on this one are so indicative of autumn that it had to go in my favourites list, even if it isn't a yarn. 

So those are all my selections for my favourite yarns of autumn. If you have any favourites, comment below because I'd love to check them out!
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