Ten (Temporary) Tattoos for Halloween

Monday, October 26, 2015

I apologize in advance for the number of tattoos that are from Tattly. They are the only company that I have ordered from thus far, and I absolutely adore the quality of their products and the designs they offer.

Crown Key by Tattly (designed by Mitchell Black) 
This key is beautifully ornate and reminds me of the Bluebeard story.

Boo Who by Tattly (designed by Mike Lowery) 
This is possibly the cutest little ghost, and sometimes we need something cute rather than spooky. I plan on wearing this one on my hand while I hand out candy to trick or treaters. 

Bat by Tattly (designed by Kevin Waldron) 
Currently on my wrist, this design is an adorable version of a bat. He's got little yellow eyes and it's the perfect size - not too big to be gaudy, or too small that you don't see it's there.

Heart Chart by Tattly (designed by Peagreen Designs) 
There's so much to love about this tattoo and the science side of me loves it.

Spiderweb by happytatts (on Etsy) 
It wouldn't be Halloween without some spiderwebs/cobwebs, and this one fits so nicely on the model's shoulder.

Candy Corn by SymbolicImports (on Etsy) 
You don't always want a large tattoo (especially once you've left your youth and you have to go to work and look somewhat professional. Small tattoos like this are easily hidden underneath a watch strap or a bracelet, if needed. And candy corn is so quintessentially Halloween. 

Pumpkin Patch by SymbolicImports (on Etsy)
The colours on this tiny pumpkin patch tattoo are gorgeous and it can easily be worn for Halloween or Thanksgiving, it's that versatile. 

Halloween Pumpkin, Pack of 9 by Verifly (on Etsy)
I love the variety of faces you get in this pack of tattoos. I never know what type of face to carve on my jack o'lantern at Halloween so I appreciate not having to choose when it comes to my tattoos. 

Gato by inkbox
If you haven't heard of inkbox, head over to their site now and check them out! Unlike the other temporary tattoos on this list, this one will last for up to two weeks. They use a blend of ink (containing Genipa Americana, rosemary oil, xanthan gum, potassium sorbate, and citric acid) that will stain the skin black temporarily for 12-15 days. This cat is a classic black cat design and I like the simplicity.

Creepy Tree by Gumtoo
This one is pretty creepy looking but I figured I should have a spooky tattoo in the bunch. If I ran into this tree in a forest, even if it was an obvious fake, I would be pretty freaked out.

If this post has got you eager to get some tattoos of your own, this coupon code might help you out. Just go to tattly.com and use SCARY10 when checking out to get 10% off your next order (only until October 31st!). I highly recommend ordering from Tattly - it's a great company with some quality temporary tattoos. 
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