A Crafty Thanksgiving

Monday, October 12, 2015

During the holidays, I really miss working in a classroom. Part of the fun of working with younger kids in a school environment is getting to decorate the classroom and do simple (but fun) art projects. As Thanksgiving here in Canada is tomorrow and I work in a hospital now, it's unlikely that I'll be doing many Thanksgiving-themed crafts this year. If I were though, these would be what I would make: 

This is simple and elegant, and doesn't require too many supplies. Plus, being pumpkins, they'd be good from Thanksgiving all the way through to Halloween. 

Can't get much more autumn than acorns, and I like the idea of making them fit a particular colour theme. I really like the glittery ones in particular. 

Edible and adorable? That's something I can get behind for sure. Rice Krispie treats are a surefire hit for most kids and adults, and making them look like turkeys is the cutest idea. 
Another turkey craft, but that's kind of one of the main icons of the holiday. I like the use of feathers and goggly eyes, plus the fact that the popsicle sticks are left square. 
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