September Days Treasury: Etsy Favourites

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Those who know me know that I love to browse Etsy on a regular basis. There are so many great products, especially craft kits, and if I wasn't limited by income or common sense (or at least the common sense of others around me), I'd be buying things off this website all the time. So instead, I make a lot of treasuries. This one, September Days, encompasses some of my favourites from September 2015. 

I purchased this back at the beginning of September, because I love the colour scheme and the simplicity of it. I'd been eyeing a lot of cross stitch . I'm ashamed to admit that although I've bought the embroidery floss, I haven't yet started on the pattern. 

Squirrel Embroidery Kit - kirikipress 
This is the other item from this treasury that I have purchased. It's actually sitting on the table in front of me as I type this, half done. The shipping was quick and the project itself is adorable. I highly recommend it! 

I'm a huge fan of yoga hair ties because they don't snap (which is a real problem if you have thick hair) and they come in such fun colours and nice prints. This set is particularly beautiful and season-appropriate. 

And another cross stitch pattern. These pillows have a lovely folk art style (which I'm fond of) and a vibrant colour scheme. It's definitely on my wishlist. 

Tiny Gold Crossed Arrows Necklace - Tiffany Avenue Bridal 
There's just something about arrows that say autumn to me, and maybe that's because they're so popular this season. I've got a beautiful white pencil case that I don't want to use (because it's so pretty) that's white with gold arrows stamped on it. This is just as pretty. 
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