End of September Garden

Monday, September 28, 2015

As we're now fully in fall (although with the weather during the afternoon, it doesn't feel too much different from summer here in Ontario), the garden is showing definite signs of starting to wrap up for the winter. 

At the back of the garden are our vegetable patches, which includes pumpkins, watermelons, cantaloupe, and butternut squash. We got a considerable amount of squash off those plants and now that the leaves are dying off, they're easier to see and to count. SJ and Mom and eager to turn these into butternut squash soup. 

The watermelons are small (enough so that I'm not certain how they'll taste) but they're still growing regardless of the fact that frost is on its way. 

To keep the crows away from the pumpkins, we put metal pie plates on stakes around the pumpkin patch. The clanging keeps the crows away but it also makes quite the racket. I like to see them flashing in the sun, but only from inside, where I can't hear them. 

Overall, these pumpkins aren't going to get to be that big, probably just about the size of pie pumpkins. Regardless, they're going to be jack o'lanterns this Halloween. 

Usually our red currant bushes are so plentiful that we leave majority of them on the buses for the birds. It looks like there are too many berries for even the birds, because we still have bright red berries available. And surprisingly they are still pretty sweet and edible. 

Majority of the sunflowers have gone to seed, but while I was taking photos I saw a flash of yellow. On the other side was a sunflower with almost all its petals, like it was still the middle of summer. 

It's hard to believe in a month of so this will all be covered up and ready to be coated in snow. 
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