At the Farmstand

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Last weekend, I went with my sister, SJ, and my dad to a local farmstand that was full of autumn produce. My mom and SJ make the absolute best homemade butternut squash soup and so we were on the lookout for some fresh local butternut squash. 
If you're located in Ontario, there's a great website called Ontario Farm Fresh which allows you to search by postal code for local farms that are open to the public. 

The farmstand has a lot of old-fashioned country features, like rail fences and sunflowers around the perimeter, an antique tractor on the front lawn, and an old wagon tucked away behind the barn. 

There were plenty of bales of straw, which came in handy as we needed some to put under the pumpkins in our own pumpkin patch at home. They also had corn stalks for decorating, with the cobs still on. 
I love the look of gourds for decorating in the autumn, and there were lots. I bought a couple of the mini white ones that look like pumpkins. 

There were tons of squash as well. The ones pictured above are a variety we hadn't tried before: mini butternut squash (honeynut). They were adorable and small SJ and Mom cooked some up the other day and they taste really good and squashy, but they're thick. They needed to add some water when processing them in the food processor. SJ describes the taste as "really butternut squash-y."

Then there were the standard acorn squash, peanut squash, and pink banana squash. We bought one of the pink bananas but haven't cooked it yet. 

And, as expected, there were plenty of pumpkins. Pie pumpkins, Cinderella pumpkins, and my personal favourite: the massive "prize winning" pumpkins. We bought one of these huge ones and it's going to make an impressively large jack o' lantern. 
We bought some kaikai pumpkins which are supposed to have the best ever seeds for roasting. We haven't gotten around to trying them yet, so the jury is still out. SJ is a particular fan of roasted seeds, so fingers crossed!

So, minus the prize winner pumpkin and the straw bale, who got a wagon all to themselves, this was our final haul:

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