The Late August Garden

Monday, August 24, 2015

    This weekend the weather had been absolutely gorgeous - warm and sunny, but not scorching and not even the slightest hint of humidity. I'm an autumn girl at heart, but I wouldn't mind summer if it were always like this. 

Although today I'm back in the office, on Saturday I spent some time in the garden at dusk. I believe this is the time that people refer to as the golden hour, when the light is softer because the sun is lower in the sky. It definitely creates some gorgeous looking shots. 

While it's sad to see some of the flowers start to fade, it's also exciting to see some of the vegetables ripening and getting ready to pick. I'm particularly excited to see the pumpkins looking so orange. 

When it comes down to picking favourites, however, I will always go with the sunflowers. Now other flower seems as happy to be there as they do. 

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