Whimseybox Project: Paper Flower Crown

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

If you follow me on YouTube, you'll know that I purchased a 3-month Whimseybox subscription and have thus far received two boxes (March and April). I can't wait for the weekend to break out the calligraphy pen I received in the April box (this week is going by so slowly), but until then I am occupying myself with the Whimseybox website. Their projects section is set up similar to Pinterest, where you can browse craft ideas and save your favourites. 

One of the crafts that I think may be nice to make for Mother's Day is the Paper Flower Crown . It looks like this: 

If you're looking for a nice handmade tag to go with it, how about this one: 

Click here for the link to print your own. (Full credit to 

If you want to follow me on Whimseybox and see what other crafts I have favourited, the link is here: https://whimseybox.com/users/ashley-g. If you have a Whimseybox account, comment below with your username so I can follow you! 

Happy crafting! 

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