Tuesday, May 06, 2014
This past Sunday I went geocaching with my youngest sister, SJ. (Why the initials? To keep some mystery). Now, admittedly I've tried this before without any luck, but this time I was quite determined to be successful. 

For those who haven't heard of it before, geocaching is like a treasure hunt in the real world. All over, there are "caches" hidden for you to find. The official website claims that there are over 2 million caches worldwide. On the website you can find GPS coordinates as well as hints to help you located these caches. Accounts on the site are free, and if you sign up then you can log your finds. Go to for more information.

Now, I won't be posting any pictures of the actual hiding place of my find, as I don't want to inadvertently ruin the surprise for anyone who does go geocaching, but I will share some other pictures from my adventure: 

The last photo is the actual cache (although not in it's hiding spot, so as to keep the surprise). They are often wrapped in camo tape or duct tape, and contain a logbook and some items to trade. SJ and I spent a good half an hour searching the forest for this cache, which was well hidden for us inexperienced geocachers. At one point an older man walked past us on the trail, which completely freaked out SJ as she had been complaining about us being murdered by a "70 year-old man" while in the forest. Other than that, we were undisturbed as we wandered. When I spotted the cache, it was such a thrill! So glad all that searching paid off!  

If you're a fan of geocaching, comment below to let me know what your best find has been so far. Did it take you a long time to locate your first cache? Or did you take geocaching like a natural? Let me know! 

See you next time,

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