Craft Inspiration: All About Ombre

Tuesday, May 20, 2014
It's the Tuesday morning after a long weekend, and I am ready for a short week at work. Despite the lovely weather (I'll have pictures up soon!), I spent quite a bit of the weekend indoors, catching up on my sleep. While I don't regret the much-needed rest, I do regret not making time to do some crafting. To make up for this, I spent my ride in this morning browsing the Whimseybox projects page. I wanted to share a few of my favourites, all of which have one thing in common: Ombre!

I know that ombre has been around for a while now, but I am still very much a fan, especially when it comes to crafts like these wooden vases by Design Love Fest! I like how they are both colourful and rustic. The fact that they don't look super polished adds to the charm, I think. 

Another ombre-styled project I want to try are these adorable candle votives by The House That Lars Built. I love how delicate they look with the cut out sections and the pale pink colouring. 


Now who doesn't like the occasional doughnut? I'd hazard a guess that very few people would pass on one given the chance, especially if they were coloured like these ones by Paper and Stitch. These are actually making me pretty hungry right now. The pink and orange one to the right of the centre is my favourite. 

If anyone is reading this and has made any of these crafts, please let me know. Also, if you have any other great ombre-inspired craft ideas, send me a link because I'd love to see them. 

Hope everyone is having a lovely Tuesday thus far. See you tomorrow!

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