First Hints of Spring

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Looking back at this blog, I realize that it has been a lot longer since my last post than I had thought. It honestly doesn't feel like that long since I made those cookies, but it clearly has been. Since my last post, winter has relinquished it's hold on us, and now it's finally spring! Even here in Canada, the snow is melting and the brown grass is in full view. The bottom step of the front staircase, as well as the bushes beside it, are finally in view again. 

In a few select areas, the perennials are starting to coming back to life. This here is a daylily. 

Part of what might be bringing all the bunnies to the yard, is the mass amounts of clover. While the grass is still dead, this clover is bright green.  

The bulbs planted last fall are already coming up. There are both tulips and daffodils, but I like how the daffodils look yellow on the ends, so I decided to take a picture of one of those. 

And here are the tulips. As you can see, there are plenty in this box, and we put them in several boxes around the garden. 

I hope you've enjoyed the photos that I've taken of my garden and backyard. Keep an eye out on my instagram for more photos as the season progresses. Also, if you have any pictures, please comment with a link to your instragram or blog account so I can check them out. 

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