Venturing into Booktube

Sunday, February 09, 2014

I follow a few people who are members of "Booktube", which is essentially a community of readers on YouTube. Their videos include hauls, reviews and other associated literary content. I am a big reader myself, although it can be a struggle to find the time and energy to read on a daily basis.

Now, I have more than enough unread books on my bookshelves to keep me busy through to 2015. That being said, I love watching book hauls because they provide me with so many new books to potentially purchase, including those I never would have considered. I admit I tend to judge books by their covers. Booktube, therefore, opens me to books I may have written off.

Anyway, what with Christmas presents and Boxing Day sales, I have amassed a large quantity of new books and thought I might as well join in the fun.

Long story short, I made a video. You should check it out.

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