Winter Favourites on Etsy

Monday, January 27, 2014
Those of you in Canada and the US will be familiar with the term "polar vortex". It has been cold here lately! Absolutely freezing and grey outside. As a result, most of the items I've been looking up on Etsy are similar.

Fine Art Print - Northern Lights and the Ice Forest - elisemahanfineart

I am a big fan of anything depicting the Northern Lights (and Aurora Borealis). Also, there is something about this art style that reminds me of the Group of Seven. Don't know them? Learn more here

Ice Blue Slouchy Hat - LoveandKnit 

It wouldn't be a winter collection without a knit hat. Lately I've been a huge fan of anything blue or grey, as well as chunky yarn and huge, obvious stitching. This hat fits the bill. 

The Sky Above Us Sterling Silver Statement Open Ring - thisandthatgallery

A little pricey, but this ring is so beautiful. Looks as though you're looking into the night sky when it's fully lit up by the stars. 

Winter Landscape Photography - AmeliaKayPhotography

Lately I've been wanting to get more into photography, and have been spending some time on Flickr. It's shots like these that have been capturing my interest. Nature, even in winter, is so beautiful. 

Those are my Etsy picks for right now! As always, the photos displayed belong to their associated Etsy accounts and account holders. If you haven't heard of Etsy before, go check it out!

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