Simple New Year - Another Etsy Collection

Tuesday, December 31, 2013
It's New Year's Eve day, and I have been on Etsy again. I've created another NYE collection, but with a different, simpler style: Simple New Year. Here are some of my absolute favourites:

Calendar for 2014 - Messy Bed Studio 

I love hand drawn calendars and fun fonts, and this offers both. Each month has a different fortune (like what you'd read in a fortune cookie) written in a different font. Love it!

Star Earrings - smafactory

These are really cute and remind me of Le Petit Prince in their slightly soft shape. They are glittery, but the colour is pale gold, so I think they're suitable for both tonight and a regular night. 

Glitter Hairpins - tiny galaxies 

I like how small and simple these clips are, but how glittery they are too. I'm not a fan of wearing huge clips or anything in my hair most of the time - I'm most comfortable in a ponytail - but these look like they'd be easy to use and look really good.

Embroidery Hoop Art - makenziandmadilyn 

It's nice to start off the new year on a good note, and this wall hanging makes me smile. I love the handwriting font and the gold thread used to embroider.

Again, all of the above images belong to their respective Etsy shops and their owners. Check out the rest of my Simple New Year collection for more items I like.
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